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Abdominal + Chest Surgery

It is recommended that some surgeries be performed together in the same session. Abdominal and thoracic surgeries operations that complement each other.

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Abdominoplasty and breast reduction

In the event that a patient with extremely large breasts also has a saggy and fatty stomach, any of these Surgery will cause the other to stand out. This person's tummy when breasts are reduced it will look more like it used to be. Or just flattening the tummy if the breasts are excessively It will give the impression that it is too much.

Abdominoplasty and breast enlargement

In addition, tummy tuck or liposuction is considered when a person wants to enlarge their breasts as well is happening. After pregnancy, the breasts become small and drooping, while the abdomen becomes loose and oily. can come. In this case, while the abdomen is stretched, the breasts are also lifted in the same session, the waist is thin, the breasts on the other hand, by making them protruding, they will complement each other and provide a unity in terms of aesthetics. Thus, a striking change will be achieved in the front view of the body.

Before Surgery:

  • Do not take aspirin and equivalent drugs (aspirin, ataspin, ecoprin, babyprin, dispril, coraspin) for 15 days before and 15 days after surgery. The intake of these drugs may cause excessive blood loss during the operation and spontaneous bleeding after the operation. If necessary, use other painkillers.
  • If you smoke, cut off 15 days in advance if possible. This will be beneficial both for the functions of your lungs and for the healing of your wound.
  • Stop eating and drinking six hours before the procedure.
  • Inform your doctor if you have flu, cold, cough, fever, weakness, etc. Your surgery may need to be delayed.
  • Inform your doctor if you have flu, cold, cough, fever, weakness, etc. Postponing your surgery Being menstruating may not require postponing your surgery. But it is useful to inform your doctor.


  • At the end of the operation, you will be dressed in a corset and appropriate bra and a urinary catheter will be inserted. The urinary catheter will remain in place until the next day, when you can go to the toilet comfortably.
  • Your pain reliever for your pain will be administered as soon as you wake up from the surgery and will be continued in the next period. After this surgery, not much pain is expected.
  • Your pain will be more when changing positions or on contact. After a few days, you will not have any pain that requires taking painkillers.
  • Nausea and vomiting may occur. If necessary, medication is administered to prevent nausea.
  • If you do not have nausea six hours after the surgery, you can start by drinking a few sips of water and start eating and drinking, gradually increasing it intermittently.
  • In the first days, do not stand up suddenly, you may feel dizzy or dazed. While you are feeling good, after sitting for a while, stand up with the help of someone who takes your arm.
  • Sutures in the navel and around the areola (nipple, if any) 10-15. days, all other sutures can be removed after 2-3 weeks. In cases where it is a problem for the patient to come to the control at the end of 3 weeks, these stitches can be removed elsewhere. For our patients who do not want this, dissolving stitches are used, which do not need to be removed.
  • After a week, it is recommended to wash the corset and take a standing shower if necessary. After the corset is washed in warm water and dried by laying, wear the corset again.
  • It is recommended to wash the corset as needed and wear it day and night for a month. Large body, excessive fat removal, swelling and stiffness may prolong the wearing of the corset for a while (15 days-1 month).
  • Swelling (edema) is expected on the stretched abdominal skin. Edema begins to decrease at the end of a week, and your abdominal skin becomes thinner during the recovery period, which takes several months. In the drums where additional liposuction is performed, swelling and reduction of the swelling will be more obvious. Wearing the corset regularly is helpful in accelerating the recovery of this situation.
  • Although it varies according to the prevalence of the procedure, patients can return to their daily physical activities and work after 2-3 weeks, provided that they are wearing a corset. At the end of this period, it is free to sunbathe and swim for short periods of time.

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