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Crooked Leg Aesthetics

One of the most important reasons why some women hesitate to wear short skirts is the lower part of their legs. is a thin or discrete appearance.

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Crooked legs in women

Some also describe it as “crooked leg”. This is because the bone structure is more curved than normal, It can be attributed to more structural reasons such as underdevelopment of the muscles facing the inner side of the back of the knee. bones of your legs and without interfering with the musculoskeletal structure, the inner sides of the lower parts of the knee Filling it up can make the leg appear generally straight. For this purpose, leg and calf prostheses (calf imlant) offers a simple and easy solution.

Calf prostheses are in various shapes and sizes, and the most commonly used ones are a sea bass or sea bream in shape. can be compared. They contain silicone and have a slightly harder consistency than a breast prosthesis.

Putting the prosthesis on the leg requires an incision, albeit a short one, to prevent the scarring that this will leave from being visible. It is preferred to place the prosthesis behind the knee from the knee fold fold. The procedure is called spinal anesthesia It can be done with the form of anesthesia in which the lower part is anesthetized. The patient lies face down and aesthetic operation is performed within 1 hour is completed. Prosthetic calf on the inner part of the existing muscle (gastrocnemius) on the back of the calf, into the sheath of the muscle in the form of insertion. The size and volume of the prosthesis should not create excessive tension, but will make the desired change. should be large. When the procedure is completed, an elastic compression stocking reaching below the knee is put on. Patient from the procedure After 3-5 hours, he can stand up and walk. However, gradually decreasing pain and tension is expected for 2 weeks. Wearing high heels and slippers during this period reduces tension and pain. On the prosthesis as the pain decreases With the normal operation of the muscle, it expands the skin on it a little outward over time and within 1-2 months. becomes the intended output.

The prosthesis is placed at least 5 cm below the knee joint and does not prevent the movements of the knee joint. Also, since the sheath of the muscle will not allow It cannot be pushed up to the ankle. For this reason, the parts close to the knee and ankle, where the prosthesis cannot provide thickness, are also If it is desired to be thickened, this process is to provide fullness with fat injection to these parts while placing the prosthesis. form can be made. If the leg area below the knee will thicken more than desired with the placement of the prosthesis, the outer curve of the leg By removing fat from the part of the body with liposuction, both the crookedness is further reduced and the thickening of the leg is prevented. if necessary If the inner sides of the knee joint are too protruding, liposuction is applied here in the same session.

Only leg thickening with fat injection also seems like an option. This app is abundant fat's belly or by taking it from the hips and injecting it into the calves. Melting of a part of the adipose tissue that does not hold In addition to the inability to provide fullness in the desired volume with the prosthesis, there is a widespread use instead of the symmetrical and curved prosthesis provided by the prosthesis. It is an undesirable feature to provide fullness. In order to get good results with fat injection, the adipose tissue rich in stem cells It may be recommended to use a few sessions with 6-month intervals. Due to these disadvantages of fat injection calf prostheses are still an easy and practical option.

Before Surgery:

  • Do not take aspirin and equivalent drugs (aspirin, ataspin, ecoprin, babyprin, dispril, coraspin) for 15 days before and 15 days after surgery. The intake of these drugs may cause excessive blood loss during the operation and spontaneous bleeding after the operation. If necessary, use other pain relievers.
  • Stop eating and drinking six hours before the procedure.
  • Inform your doctor if you have flu, cold, cough, fever, weakness, etc. Your surgery may need to be delayed.
  • Being menstruating may not require postponing your surgery. But it is useful to inform your doctor.


  • At the end of the operation, you will be dressed in an elastic stocking that keeps the under-knee region under pressure. If liposuction is also applied to the inner parts of the knee, your elastic socks will be at the knee-high level. It is recommended to wear these socks for 1 month.
  • If spinal anesthesia has been applied, your feet will start to move and hear after resting for 4-5 hours. You can stand up after this period. However, at the end of this period, do not stand up suddenly, you may feel dizzy or dazed. While you are feeling good, after sitting for a while, stand up with the help of someone who takes your arm.
  • Your pain reliever for your pain will be administered as soon as you wake up from the surgery and will be continued in the next period. The pain will be more when you stand up and will gradually decrease over time. It takes at least 2-3 weeks for a pain-free walk. Wearing high heels reduces pain as it reduces the tension in the prosthesis area.
  • If you do not have nausea six hours after the surgery, you can start by drinking a few sips of water and start eating and drinking, gradually increasing it intermittently.
  • Stitches placed behind the knee can be removed at the end of 2-3 weeks, in cases where it would be a problem to come for a check-up, these stitches can also be removed elsewhere.

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