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Filling - Botox Applications

Skin varies from person to person. Some skin is earlier, some skin is later signs of aging. shows. Although the wrinkles seem to be one when you look at them, they are formed by facial expressions according to the way they are formed. wrinkles (on the forehead and around the eyes) and wrinkles caused by gravity and sagging skin (skin folds around the mouth). According to the location and type of wrinkle different methods are used. Wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes an aged face, eyebrows The wrinkles between them give an angry facial expression. Applied by estheticians With botox and filling method, it is possible to wrinkle reduction after a short procedure. According to researches, it starts to show effect on wrinkles 3-7 days after application. This effect lasts for 4-6 months.

Dolgu Botoks

Botox (Botox and Disport Applications) Fillers Injections, Botox Operations

Skin with small pores, non-wrinkled, smooth, spotless and fresh looking is a healthy skin. Although wrinkles seem to be one when you look at them, wrinkles formed by facial expressions according to the form of formation. (forehead and around the eyes) and wrinkles caused by gravity and sagging skin (skin folds around the mouth) can be evaluated as There is no method that treats all wrinkles. Instead, the location and type of wrinkle different methods are applied. Applied methods chemical peeling, mechanical peeling (dermabrasion-microdermabrasion), laser, plasmalite treatment, botox, synthetic or natural fillers. In order for the skin to look healthier and younger, the bumps on the skin should be removed (dermabrasion, peeling, laser), depressions should be removed (filler injections), contractions of mimic muscles should be prevented or minimized (botox). Therefore, these methods are often used in combination. Of course, the patient to whom botox will be applied, first of all all questions and He should share his concerns with his surgeon and learn about the risks.

As a result of the frequent repetition of mimic movements, the lines formed on the skin become permanent and form wrinkles. The most common places are the forehead, between the eyebrows, around the eyes and around the mouth. Wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes an aged face and wrinkles between the eyebrows give an angry facial expression. While these wrinkles vary from person to person, sun exposure, the frequency of using mimic muscles also vary according to age and gender.

Filling Injections

With the passing years, gravity, UV rays of the sun, facial mimic movements and of course smoking affect the skin negatively. The subcutaneous tissue, which shows the skin younger and fresher, is gradually broken down and the lines of expression caused by the mimic muscles (crow's feet on the side of the eyes) they allow the formation. Fillers help fill lines and wrinkles. When the fillers are given under the skin, they fill the wrinkles and collapsed places and give a fuller look to the lips and cheeks. they give an appearance. In addition, they are injected under the sunken-looking scars, reducing the clarity of the scars. The fillers used for the chin tip and forehead convexity make these areas look fuller. Fillers can also be applied together with facelift operations. In very deep lines around the mouth (lines at the corner of the mouth) may not be enough, these lines can be used as laser, dermabrasion, chemical peeling. It can give better results with the application of techniques. These three techniques are used to peel the top layer of the skin. methods for renewal. Caused by very active facial mimic muscles or loose skin tissue Face or forehead lift is applied for deep folds, while filler injection is applied for smaller wrinkles. can be done additionally. Fillers do not provide as dramatic correction as surgical methods. Check out all these problems Considering that, the only specialized plastic surgeons who can offer you all the options. For the action to be taken You should discuss and clarify all questions in your mind with your surgeon. Necessary explanations about other methods You can find articles with us.

Fillers are mainly divided into three groups:

Biological fillers: They are tissues taken from one part of the same living thing and given to another, or given from one living thing to another living thing.

a. Tissue cocktail: Removed tissue and tissue fragments for facelift, tummy tuck, breast reduction or the treatment of scars The texture cocktail obtained from the mixture is used for the filling. Fat, fascia, and dermis grafts are the most commonly used. Of these The most valuable is the dermis. The dermis tissue, which is divided into small pieces, is 80-90% permanent. than fat injection it is effective. Since it is obtained from the extracted parts, it has an extremely limited resource. In surgery performed on another part of the body These removed parts can be used immediately. It is also possible to store at very low temperatures (-196°) and use it later. has. The fat, fascia, dermis, bone and muscle particles taken from the patient are micronized and wrinkled by injection. or by placing it in collapsed places, the result is achieved. However, the retention of adipose tissue is one of the ingredients of the tissue cocktail. and the probability of being permanent is between 20-50%, while this rate rises to 80-90% in other tissues. over time in place tissue resorption occurs with mimic movements or years and it can melt like other body tissues. This mostly depends on the person's structure, age and living conditions. Any reaction as it is the person's own tissue The only disadvantage of this procedure, which does not create any is required to receive.

b. Fat: In this technique, also called "fat transplantation" or "micro lipoinjection", fat removal from the abdomen, thighs, hips and other fat-containing body parts of the patient with special cannulas and in certain concentrations It is prepared and injected under the skin of the face. The most frequently used places are sunken cheeks, around the mouth and nose, lips, filling of the chin, removal of collapse and irregularities in the skin, elimination of contour irregularities and It is the deletion of forehead lines. Local anesthesia is given to the area where both fat will be taken and fat will be given, and liposuction instrument is used. After the oil is taken with the oil, it is passed through the necessary procedures and injected into the previously planned recipient area. injected Since half or more of the fat melts within 6 months, more fat injections should always be made than necessary. It creates temporary swelling and occasional swelling on the face. Swelling and redness can also be seen in the area where the fat is removed. If the procedure is applied in a large area, the patients are rested for a certain period of time. Other patients immediately after the procedure can return to their lives. Sun protection is recommended until the swelling and bruising are gone. sunscreen for Creams and lotions are recommended. The duration of fullness provided by fat injection varies from patient to patient. The appearance of excess fullness in the first weeks is actually swelling and disappears in a few weeks. After three months permanent fullness begins to appear. If the fullness is not sufficient, fat injections can be repeated at 3, 6 and 12. months. desired goal is achieved. In later years, it may be sufficient to do it once a year. From applications with long intervals It is difficult to get the desired results.

c. Collagen: Originally from cattle, collagen has been used for many years. by the body's immune system It can usually be rejected in the 3rd week. In such a case, swelling occurs as a result of excessive reaction in the surrounding tissues. Swelling It can hide wrinkles for several months. One month before the application, allergy tests should be done and the surgeon's appropriate He should be watched as he sees it. redness, itching, swelling or various allergic reactions occurring at the test site should be taken into account. Since collagen will make a foreign substance reaction in the body, it will be excreted from the body after rejection. Its advantage is in the form of ready-made ampoules. is that it can temporarily benefit from wrinkles and dents to a certain extent. Disadvantages allergic reaction, effects for several months It shows and is expensive. In addition, infection (inflammation), abscess, scar formation, skin peeling, scarring and mass formation are among the risks.
Types of collagen:
– Zyderm, zyplast (bovine origin collagen)
– Isologen (collagen obtained from the person's own)
– Dermalagen (collagen of human cadaver origin)
– Artekoll (polymethylmethacrylate + bovine collagen)
Compared to bovine collagen, isolagen and dermagen are less allergic and more durable. The effect of Artekoll is semi-permanent. Its volume decreases over time, but some of it is permanent.

d. Hyaluronic acid: The tendency of hyaluronic acid prepared in the laboratory to have an allergic reaction is very rare. There is no need to test before applying. For this reason, we can say that only hyaluronic acid has been used in recent years. Since they dissolve over time, the duration of the effect varies between 4-12 months. Repetition according to the duration of permanence that varies from person to person required. It has no serious drawbacks. It shows its effect immediately after application. There is no age restriction. Wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the nose and mouth, wrinkles between the two eyebrows, eye edges, It is used for wrinkles on the upper lip and fine lines on the neck.

Types of hyaluronic acid:

Containing pure hyaluronic acid: hylaform, captique, juvederm, perlane, restylane,
Containing hyaluronic acid in the mixture: reviderm intra (dextran+hyaluronic acid),

Dermalive (acrylic + hyaluronic acid) Perlane is mostly applied to the corners of the eyes and the lines between the nose and upper lip and dissolves between 6-12 months. It is repeatable. Types of hyaluronic acid applied in the form of a mixture show a permanent effect, although the effect decreases over time.

e. Fascia: Injected forms of fragmented fascia obtained from human cadavers are starting to become popular all over the world. has begun. This injection, which has a long-lasting effect, will become more frequently used over time. The world as Fascian are in the markets. f. Lactic acid: The filler known as Sculptura contains lactic acid, has a temporary effect and must be repeated.

2. Synthetic fillers: They are substances that are not obtained from any living thing or produced according to biological origin, The most important problem is the risk of foreign body reaction and infection (early or late). Because it reacts with surrounding tissues It does not give a natural look. Synthetic fillers include silicone, siliconized particles, gortex, suture materials, artecoll, gore-tex, soft form, hydrogel, hydroxyapatite, etc. All these substances have advantages and disadvantages. to be applied Appropriate selection should be made according to the place and the person.

a. Liquid silicone: It is permanent since it is not absorbed by the body, but it causes late-term problems. Liquid silicone in breast silicone Since it does not have a protective outer wall, it spread to the surrounding tissues and penetrated into the cells, causing severe reactions. It even enters the vein and enters the circulation, causing even death to the patients. Numbness, wound in the injected tissues opening can cause complications such as infection. Its use is prohibited in many countries, especially in the USA. Illegal There are places that apply it.

b. Injections with silicone particles: When injected, it creates an artificial appearance under the skin. It does not cause deaths. Its use is not prohibited. It can cause deformities under the skin.

c. Gorteks: This material, which is actually used in vascular surgery, has recently started to be used as a filler. This substance, which creates permanent swelling, can cause foreign body reactions, infection and artificial appearance under the skin.

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