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Facial Aesthetics

It is the tensioning process applied to the lower part of the face and neck. In this process, front of the ear, cheeks, It is aimed to remove the looseness of the skin under the chin and neck. Excess skin in front of and behind the ear It is ensured that the remaining trace is not visible by removing it. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and takes up to 3 hours. An overnight stay in the hospital is recommended.

Facial Aesthetics

Face lift and neck lift

It is the procedure performed to aim the lower parts of the face and neck to look more tense and younger. With this procedure, sagging on the sides of the mouth is removed and the face is made more oval and the jawbone is formed. boundaries become clearer. Excess skin is removed from the edge of the ear and the skin of the face and neck is removed. It is intended to stay tense. In addition, if there is too much looseness and sagging in the neck, or if there is too much lubrication. Making a small incision under the chin also provides better correction of the neck. Usually with general anesthesia It is recommended to stay in the hospital overnight.

Mini Face Lift

It is a smaller procedure than normal facelift. No incision is required under the chin. It can be done with local anesthesia. With the incision made in front of the ear, excess skin is removed and in the lower parts of the face, the sides of the mouth and the lower border of the chin. tension is provided. In this, a more oval face shape is obtained. No need to stay in hospital.

Forehead and Brow Lift (Endoscopic forehead lifting)

Forehead and Brow Lift

In individuals with low eyebrows, removing only the skin from the upper eyelid may cause the eyebrows to go down further. This can make you look more tired and angry. To prevent this, besides removing the excess skin from the upper eyelids, raising the eyebrows is also done.

This procedure is usually done endoscopic. Mini incisions (3 pieces) are made on the scalp and the entire forehead and eyebrows are It is pulled upwards and the excess formed is distributed to the scalp. Thus, any scalp or hair loss does not occur. As the forehead rises with the eyebrows, the forehead also opens a little. This is often a desired feature. The lines on the forehead are also reduced. If the forehead is too high or the mini incisions to be made will not be able to close. If there is very little hair, in this case, the excess skin can be removed with an incision just below the hair on the upper part of the forehead. is removed and processed. Thus, in addition to raising the eyebrows, the widening of the forehead is prevented and even If desired, narrowing of the wide forehead can also be achieved.

This aesthetic surgery is a 1 hour procedure performed under general anesthesia. of the upper eyelids the swelling starts to go down after 3 days and after 2-3 weeks it becomes quite normal. The effect of the operation lasts for years.

Eyelid aesthetic

aesthetic surgery

Removal of excess skin from the upper eyelid: This procedure is combined with "forehead and eyebrow lift" or "eyebrow lift" or it can be done alone. In addition to removing the excess skin from the upper eyelid, if necessary, the eyelid It is necessary to slightly lift the level (ptosis correction) and remove the excess fat tissue that causes swelling.

Removal of the upper eyelid excess skin is made from the fold line that occurs when the eyelid is opened. Although this region is It is the area of ​​his body that leaves the least scars, but still a faint thin scar will remain completely lidded with the eye open. It is desired that the fold stays inside and is not in the visible area.

Removal of the Lower Eyelid Bag: To remove the bagging effect, removing the under-eye fat and removing the under-eye bone Operations in the form of spreading in front of it are applied. In young people, without cutting the skin, through the eyelid (transconjunctival route) operation can be performed, but more detailed fat distribution apart from simple fat removal If the procedures are to be done, the procedure is applied with a skin incision just below the eyelashes. To be applied to the eyelids If these procedures are to be performed alone, they can be applied with local anesthesia. However, it can be applied together with forehead and eyebrow lift, face lift/neck lift or midface lift.

Subperiosteal Midface Lifting

It is aimed to eliminate the obvious drooping appearance in the middle of the face, where the age is not advanced. No scars are left in the ear area as no extra skin removal is required. Cheek areas and cheekbones All soft tissues on the bones are shifted upwards over the bone structure with the intervention made through the mouth. With the help of tiny incisions made from the temples to the scalp, the raised tissues are kept up. Due to the nature of the procedure, it requires the temple lift procedure to be performed together. cheeks with this procedure the face moves upwards and becomes more square, becomes more triangular and oval, and the person is more rested. and get a happy face appearance.

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