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Tummy Tuck, in cases where the abdominal skin is loose and saggy, removing excess skin and creating a tight abdomen It is a basic surgery.

Tummy Tuck
How Is Abdominoplasty Performed? Since the removal of excess skin is a scarring procedure, where the scar is visible as little as possible, It is ensured that it is left in a place to stay in the bikini. A limited amount of only the underbelly part of the abdominal skin In cases where the navel is loose, only the lower part of the navel is stretched, leaving the navel as it is. If necessary, liposuction is applied. This procedure is called "mini abdominoplasty".

However, since this will not be enough, we perform "full abdominoplasty", that is, the full Tummy Tuck procedure, for most of our patients. What is done here is this time, by cutting the connection of the navel with the abdominal skin, the released abdominal skin is removed from the chest. from the cage is commonly pulled down.

Thus, while much more skin is removed from below, all cracks below the navel level are removed and more get a tight stomach can be achieved. During the aesthetic procedure, if necessary, a tightening of the abdominal muscles (rectus muscle plication) is also performed. As a result, additional skin thinning and final corrections are made with liposuction on the front and sides of the tightened abdomen.

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