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Breast Growth in Men

Prominence in the chest area, which can occur at any age, mostly in childhood and adolescence in men This is the problem with . Sometimes in those who do bodybuilding sports and sometimes in men who drink too much alcohol in old age. emerges as a problem. In addition to the accumulation of adipose tissue in the region, there may also be enlargement of the mammary gland. In doubtful cases, necessary hormonal examinations are performed, ultrasonographic examination is performed.


What is gynecomastia?

Sexual or malignancy (cancer risk) problems usually do not arise from these examinations and the problem is aesthetic. correction is made. The procedure takes between 1 and 2 hours under general anesthesia. in the region Removal of adipose tissues by liposuction is sometimes completely sufficient, and sometimes excessive It is ensured that the breast tissue is removed from the mini (1-2 mm) holes with the instruments used in endoscopic surgery. However, due to extremely large breast formation, the skin becomes loose and evacuation causes skin loosening. These procedures should be done with skin removal.

This is done around the dark circle of the breast and requires an all-around scar. Elastic wrap or corset application is required for a few weeks after the procedure for good results.

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