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Lip filler

In Lip Thickening, fillers given simply by injector are either temporary or permanent. The only safe filling application is the temporary filling application, which contains "hyaluronic acid" and lasts from 6 months to 2 years. It is a substance that is eventually absorbed. Longer-lasting fillings have varying degrees of risk.

Lip Thickening

Reliable and Permanent Lip Filling

For these reasons, due to the disadvantages of fillers (temporary or permanent), the person's own tissues and provision is preferred. In this way, a permanent effect that will last a lifetime is achieved. Oil injection is sufficient in this regard dermal graft (or derma fat graft application with less oil component) is preferred because it does not give results. What is aimed here is that the lips that get thinner with age are as rich as possible from collagen and have melting potential. It is in the form of filling with a little tissue. For this purpose, the superficial layer of the peeled middle and deep skin layer (with the thin adipose tissue underneath) gives good results.

Lip Augmentation

The skin to be used here can be taken from different skin areas. During the Lip Thickening procedure, the person face lift, breast reduction or lift, tummy tuck, etc. The tissue required for the lip can be obtained from the excess skin part. It will not undergo such a simultaneous operation. For those who have an existing scar on the abdomen or other area, this skin does not leave additional scarring. It creates an opportunity to be taken as an aesthetic.

For those who do not have any scars, areas such as the lower butt fold or the lower abdomen are selected and the scar is not visible as much as possible. is kept on the ground. In this preference, the personal preference of the person who has the procedure is taken into account.

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